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Wendy Teo

ISG Construction, Head of Proposals

Wendy started with ISG in February 2022, where she heads up ISG Construction’s UK regional teams of bid professionals, supporting them to deliver industry-leading, customer-centric proposals. Her major focus is working towards ISG’s goal to be the best employer in the industry, offering unbeatable employment experience, and recruiting and developing the best talent in the sector.

In her previous role as a board director of healthcare property company Prime plc, she led marketing, communications and bid teams for multiple brands and public-private partnerships. She was also a founder director of the joint venture that established Prime as a leader in the hospitals market.

Wendy’s career spans 20 years within property development, investment, management, building design, construction, procurement and advertising agencies, as well as coaching and consulting. She has been fortunate to learn from leaders across the industry, affording her broad experience and insight. Her passion for the built environment is contagious and she has a daughter in Civil Engineering.

An ILM accredited executive coach mentor, Wendy is a lifelong learner, who is CIM accredited in Marketing, has an MSc in Business & Organisational Psychology and is CMI accredited in Strategic Leadership, Management and Consulting.

Wendy particularly enjoys supporting individuals and teams with strategic business development, growth and change, by helping them harness their expertise, imagination, resilience and confidence. She brings creativity, curiosity, courage and humour to her mentoring relationships.